Because First impressions count

Is your driveway letting the rest of your property down? This is the first area to be seen by those visiting your home or commercial premises, but is an area that is often neglected. If your drive looks tired, weathered or has visible damage, it will not leave a positive lasting impression on your visitors.

At APEC Landscaping, we understand that all driveways are different because what suits one property will not necessarily suit the one next door. Following a site visit to discuss your requirements, budget and how your driveway is to be used, we will send your personalised quotation and job specification.

Built To Be Used

We cover the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk and are specialists when it comes to the installation of new outdoor surfaces. How you intend to use your driveway is very important as not all surface finishes offer the same level of durability. 

For example, if your new driveway is going to be used by heavy vehicles or endure a higher level of traffic than average, then a hardwearing finish, such as tarmac or asphalt, is likely to be the most appropriate type of surface to meet your requirements.

A Range Of Surface

In addition to tarmac and asphalt, we are trained in the safe and correct installation of a number of other types of surface finishes. Tar and Chip is a popular choice for the home or business as it is a good all-rounder that combines style and functionality for a quality finish. 

 If you are seeking a surface that is porous and does not require any additional drainage, then resin bound is a good solution. Block paving, concrete and loose gravel are just some of the other types of driveways that we frequently install.

Other Services We Offer

As a team of fully qualified and trained construction workers, we have the skills to undertake all the necessary groundworks and if you are looking for a dropped kerb, then we can do that too!

If you are seeking a driveway that will meet your individual needs, then pick up the phone and give us a call today on

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